Speaking, Writing, Teaching

Leading seminars, facilitating workshops, offering retreats

Educational Consulting

Advocating for the community’s gifts of diversity, making inclusiveness a way of life.

Cultivating a culture of respectful communication, empathy, and trust.

Supporting communities in times of transition.

Meet Rev. Paula

Meet Rev. Paula

Paula Lawrence-Wehmiller had a long and distinguished career in education before her “inclination to give the bread away” led her to ordination as an Episcopal priest. She now combines her teaching and priestly vocations, supporting and nourishing the work of educators, clergy, community leaders and the people they serve.

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School Reflection Circa 1952

Posted May 16 2017

School Reflection Circa 1952 by The Reverend Paula Lawrence-Wehmiller For Teacher Anna Sondack It is the fall of 1952 and I am in second grade. One hour over bumpy, winding […]

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