Paula Lawrence Wehmiller - educator, author, consultant
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Paula Lawrence Wehmiller had a long and distinguished career in education before her "inclination to give the bread away" led her to her ordination as a priest in the Episcopal Church in 1998.
She now combines her teaching and priestly vocations - speaking, writing, offering retreats, conferences and workshops, supporting and nourishing the work of educators, clergy, community leaders and the people they serve.
A Gathering of Gifts
“She is a self-described sojourner, story-teller, and dream-bearer, an educator who will go to the mat for the right of each child to live out his or her own birthright as a child of God. Fierce, loving, learned, colloquial, she has found a way to draw us into the marvel of her own story, and to encourage us to claim the wonders of our own.”
- From a review of A Gathering of Gifts
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